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2 years ago
Scavenger SV-4 Repack-Games


Game Size: 454 MB

Game: V Initial Release


Scavenger SV-4 Free Download

Scavenger SV-4 is a highly replayable atmospheric first-person science fiction game. You are alone on your ship, in orbit above an undiscovered alien planet. The windswept surface below is a radioactive wasteland. In orbit, the radiation levels are dangerous. Landing there would kill you in seconds, even through your spacesuit. You have a remote control rover drone. The signal is weak and the interference is strong – the video feed is grainy with static. Use it to explore the surface of the planet, the derelict structures there, and the remains of alien machinery long dead… or perhaps just dormant.

Scavenger SV-4 Pre-Installed Game

Pilot your rover, bring back samples, and research them in the science lab. Use the objects you’ve found to enhance your rover. Try to figure out what happened here. Each time you start a new game, you are someone else, with a different story and unknown mysteries waiting on a new planet. With luck, you might leave with a cargo hold full of priceless alien artifacts and be wealthy for life. Be careful. Bad things sometimes happen to lone explorers far from home. Scavenger SV-4 is genre defiant – part simulator, part roguelike, with elements of action, combat, resource management, and a dash of horror. It is not quite like any game you have played before.


How To Install

  1. Download The Game
  2. Extract It Using (WinRAR)
  3. Install (All In One Run Times / Direct X)
  4. Run The Game As (Admin)
  5. That’s It (Enjoy 🙂 )


  • OS: Windows XP
  • Processor: 2.4ghz
  • Memory: 2 GB RAM
  • Graphics: DirectX9, Shader Model 2 – Geforce 6800 / Radeon X1900 or better
  • Storage: 450 MB available space


Scavenger SV-4 Free Download Repack-GamesScavenger SV-4 Free Download Repack-Games
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