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You can submit any and all queries you might have via the contact form below, one of our support team representatives will soon be in touch with you. If you have game issues or need support setting up your game and such, then please use our Discord Server for instant Support. You may use the aforementioned form for business inquiries and such.

WHAT DOES Repack-Games OFFER Dark logo; was first launched during February 2019. We strive to provide the best services for Gamers all around the Globe. has it’s very own repacks created of each and every game that is currently on the site and of anything that is requested. Our repacks come preinstalled, which means you do not have to go through the hassle of running setups to install your games, all you need is an extraction tool, and enough space on your drive. Latest Updates / DLC are Updated On Daily Basis. Repack-Games is the First Multi Gaming Platform, housing more than 20k Updated Games And Counting. We have an Automatic Update Request System Though Which Users Can Place A Request to update a game on the site, we also have a request channel that covers this exact thing in our aforementioned Discord Server.

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We request you to mention that you are contacting for business, please include the word (Business) in the subject. We Would Love To Hear What You Are Proposing, and We Might Consider You Business Deals. Do keep in mind that if you are contacting to get on the Moderation or the Support Team, then we have an application form found in the Discord Server for that very reason. You may submit your staff applications to directly [email protected] if you so desire.