Borrow Steam Games From

There are 2 Method You Can Borrow The games From Steam Account.

  1. First One is To Donate 5$ on Patreon and Borrow (1) Game For a Week.
  2. Second One is to Donate 8$ on Patreon and Borrow (2) Game For a Week.

Rules :

  • Only 10 Games will be Given to 10 People
  • And if any Specific Game is Booked By Any User / The Other user will have to Wait for the Expiry Date of the first user.
  • Each Game will have an Expiry Date listed Below . That mean the game is already Borrow and will expire on the listed date , after that day a new user can book it for a week.
  • After the Member Has Donated On Patreon Notify The Admin on our Discord , And the Game Sharing Link Will be Shared and the Steam game will appear on your steam Library.

Here are The Games That Can be Borrowed

  • Phasmophobia                    Available for Borrow
  • The Crew 2                            Available for Borrow
  • Red Dead Redemption 2 Available for Borrow
  • Street Fighter V                  Available for Borrow
  • Factorio                                 Available for Borrow
  • Mortal Kombat 11              Available for Borrow
  • Total War: Shogun 2        Available for Borrow
  • Star Wars: The Old Republic  Available for Borrow