Borrow Steam Games From

There are 2 Methods of borrowing games from ‘s Steam Account.

  1. 5$ donation to our BuyMeACoffee, this will allow you to borrow one (1) game for one (1) week.
  2. 8$ donation to our BuyMeACoffee, this will allow you to borrow two (2) games for one (1) week.

Rules :

  • Only 10 Games will be Given to 10 People.
  • There is only one copy of each game, therefore availability of the game you wish to borrow will affect when you will receive the game. Meaning if someone has already borrowed the game you’re requesting, you will have to wait in queue.
  • Each Game will have an Expiry Date listed Below . That mean the game is already Borrow and will expire on the listed date , after that day a new user can book it for a week.
  • After the Member Has Donated On Patreon Notify The Admin on our Discord , And the Game Sharing Link Will be Shared and the Steam game will appear on your steam Library.

Here are The Games That Can be Borrowed

  • Phasmophobia                    Available for Borrow
  • The Crew 2                            Available for Borrow
  • Red Dead Redemption 2 Available for Borrow
  • Street Fighter V                  Available for Borrow
  • Factorio                                 Available for Borrow
  • Mortal Kombat 11              Available for Borrow
  • Total War: Shogun 2        Available for Borrow
  • Star Wars: The Old Republic  Available for Borrow